Smoked Products


Smoked Products

Royal Cuisine offers a range of Smoked products such as Smoked Eel and Smoked Mussel meat.

These products are processed in approved processing plants and all products are tested for disease prior to exporting - ensuring the finest dining experience possible.

Smoked Mussel meat is available plain or in a range of flavoured options.

Smoked Eel is an exquisite product, and should not be overlooked for those looking to impress.

Please contact Royal Cuisine for orders or for your nearest supplier.


Smoked Mussels

Description: Mussel meat, 5 flavours (plain, BBQ, Chilli, Garlic, Cracked Pepper)
Unit: 1 Kg bags, frozen.


Smoked Eel

Description: Whole, gutted.
Unit: 1 per vac pack, frozen.


Smoked Eel H/G/T

Description: Headed, gutted and tailed.
Unit: 1 per vac pack, frozen.


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