Smoked Products



Royal Cuisine is proud to be able to offer NZ Veal. This popular product is ideal for spring and summer menus.

All Veal is vacuum packed and chilled fresh. Preserving the delicate flavour and texture of this fine product.

A selection of cuts appears below. Please contact Royal Cuisine for ordering and availability.



Weight: 1.8-2.5kg
Description: This traditional leg is removed from the aitch (hip) bone. All leg bones remain intact including the shank and a well trimmed chump.
Variations: Chump removed, knuckle tip and gam cord intact for Smoking

Frenched Rack


Frenched Rack

Weight: 340-620g
Description: Derived from an 8 Rib 75 mm Rack, the chine and feather bones are removed. The cap is peeled from the back of the Rack, all intercostal meat is frenched down each rib to a set measurement.


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