Why is New Zealand food considered the finest?

How to buy Royal Venison

How to prepare Royal Venison

How to cook Royal Venison


Why is New Zealand food considered the finest?

New Zealand's agriculture structure does not use any hormones, steroids or Genetic modification. Animals are raised in Natural surroundings and fed grass and other pastures year-round. New Zealand's wide-open pastures, clean air and water ensure food products of the highest quality. For when only the best will do choose from New Zealand's wide range of fresh gourmet foods.

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How to buy Royal Venison:

Royal Venison can be purchased through our in-market partners across North America. Details of these contacts are listed on our distributors page. Of course should you be unable to purchase from these distributors please contact us directly and we will try to arrange delivery to your restaurant or put you in contact with your local distributor.

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How to prepare Royal Venison.

Royal Venison can be cooked as is, or you can choose favourite marinade. Royal Venison's mild taste allows other flavours to permeate the meat. Whole muscles can be seared and then oven roasted, or sliced to steaks or butterflies and grilled, fried or BBQ'd.

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How to cook Royal Venison:

Venison should be seared under high heat to seal the flavours in. Remember to pre heat the oven, grill, pan or BBQ before cooking New Zealand Venison. To enjoy the best that New Zealand Venison has to offer it is suggested that it be cooked Medium-rare, then left to rest for 3-5 minutes to allow the juices to be released. Venison can be complemented with jus, sauces, berry compotes or seasonal fungi for a special dining experience.

Remember to always sear Venison and let it rest after cooking to bring out the meats natural tenderness and juices.

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