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New Zealand Lamb is grass fed in the wide-open pastures of New Zealand. Royal Cuisine offers Chilled Fresh Lamb cuts airfreighted directly to end distributors. This enables the closest link between farm and plate, ensuring you the freshest possible product.

NZ Lamb is consistent in size, packing and tenderness. There are no surprises - only fine New Zealand Lamb time after time.

Please look over the product list and feel free to contact us for more information or ordering.



Weight: 275-350gms
Description: Bone-in with knuckle-tip off
Unit: 2 or more pieces per pack.
Variations: Bulk or layer packed, boneless.


Neck Fillets

Weight: 100-150gms
Description: Completely boneless neck muscles with ends squared.
Unit: Layer packed. 6 or 12 pieces per pack.


Denuded Rump

Weight: 175-225gms
Description: Completely boneless, with all fat removed.
Unit: Layer packed. Standard number of pieces per pack.
Variations: Fat cap on.


BRN Shoulder

Weight: 1.5-2.0kg
Description: Prepared by fleecing the shoulder meat from the 5 forequarter rib bones then carefully removing all other bones to leave a completely boneless shoulder.
Variations: Presented rolled, netted, flat (bulk) or layer packed.


Carvery Leg

Weight: 1.25-1.75kg
Description: This oven-ready leg prepared by removal of the aitch (hip) bone and shank to render a femur-bone only chump-on joint.


Boneless Leg

Weight: 1.5-2.0kg
Description: Carefully seam boned to yield a completely boneless leg with chump-on and shank-off.
Variations: Rolled, netted, flat (bulk) or layer packed. Chump-off.


Tunnel-boned Leg

Weight: 1.0-1.5kg
Description: The femur bone is carefully removed by the 'tunnel-boning' method to leave the boneless chump-on leg in one complete piece. Shank removed.
Variations: Chump-off, weight ranging.


Rack of Lamb

Weight: 750-1000gms
Description: The bone-in 7-rib rack removed between the 1-rib shortloin and 5-rib forequarter, split exactly down centre of backbone. Flap cut 75mm from the eye muscle.
Variations: 8-ribs. Chine and Feather bones removed.


Backstrap Fillet

Weight: 150-200gms
Description: The fully boneless loin eye muscle is completely defatted and trimmed to silverskin.
Unit: Presented 4 pieces per vacuum package.


Frenched Rack

Weight: 375-500gms
Description: The meat between the rib bones is cleanly removed toward the eye muscle. Chine and feather bones carefully removed and cap of fat peeled from back of rack to complete the preparation of the traditional 'Frenched Rack'.



Weight: 75-100gms
Description: Full length boneless Tenderloin cleaned of all fat, laid flat to avoid bunching or folder and presented in a convenient pack.
Unit: layer packed.
Variations: Weight ranging.


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